Everyday Musings

Dear You

Several years ago there was a girl who was a part of my life…not a significant part, but around my life and I was around hers. Now over time I no longer saw this girl or had her as a part of my life. This made me sad, but the circumstances surrounding our friendship could not be changed and so I haven’t heard from this (now young woman) girl in years. I bring it up because, I ended up reading an article about this girl. She is grown up now and living life. All the things I hoped she would be. It gave a bit of her story and where she is now and I could not help but think had things been different we probably would have turned out to be wonderful friends. Life is funny that way. We as people and people in relationships are funny. I miss this girl and wish I could convey a few things to her and let her know. Encourage her a bit and affirm her of her beauty and creativity, but its not my place or role. More than likely with all the time that has gone past she has long forgotten me or who I am. So it is my hope that someone will step up to that plate and do this for her. Funny how the past can come rushing in your door. The memories made me smile and reminded me that this life is SO much larger than myself. SO much bigger than who I am and who I am becoming. Its kind of exciting and thrilling, because I just don’t know who I am going to come in contact with new and old. Hey! Even through these writings I have re-discovered friends who long ago were a part of my life. They were a part of my past but have now become a part of my present. You just never know what is going to happen. It’s Tuesday and it’s a much better day than Monday 🙂

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