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Crying Coming In and Crying Going Out

Holy moly! Where is this year going? Anyone know? It felt like we were just preparing for my 30th birthday and we are now half way through the year!

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*Move in day May 2011

As I mentioned a couple posts back we were preparing to move and it finally happened! We started looking (at the beginning of April) for a new place to rent in South Orange County so Graeme could be closer to his job. After a couple of weeks of looking we found a place close to Dana Point and thus began the packing process. We packed everything up within two weeks and made the move at the beginning of May. Our lease wasn’t up till Mid May, so we had a bit of overage to go back if we needed to and to have the time to do a bit of cleaning without all our belongings in the place.

When we went to go give our keys back it was a bit bittersweet. This was our first place together and though it was in no way glamorous, it was “ours” and it was home. I cried walking out of it for the last time. The funny thing about this is, is I cried when we moved in, because it was simple, somewhat “falling apart”, and not really the first impression of living in the states that I wanted Graeme to have when first moving over. Yet over time, it became everything we needed and more. It held two great Thanksgiving meals, places for people to stay when needed, movie nights, bbqs, game nights, first fights, first make ups, and so much more. It was simple and really became the perfect place for us.

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Graeme was the one who reminded me of my tears when we first moved in and we both had a laugh which helped to cease my tears at this life change goodbye. We are both adventurers at heart and the fact that we stayed three years was much longer than we anticipated. We both know the roof above our heads is just a place to rest and that wherever we are together is home. We are excited for the journey ahead because we know this isn’t the only move in store for us, but I am sure being the sentimentalist I am there will be tears shed along the way.

vs. 2014

*Move out day May 2014

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