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Life truly has a funny way of changing things up for you. I got the chance to spend some time in Colorado close to Denver this week for work. The last time I had been in the Denver area was in 2005 when one of my close girl friends and I took a road trip from her home there, back to college in California.

I had been to Colorado when I was little but hadn’t really remembered much from that trip with my parents (plus we had covered several other states, so everything kind of clumps together). Over the period of time we spent before our road trip back to school I came to the conclusion that Colorado was not for me. It was a great place, but I felt somewhat claustrophobic…I have a love of water, big bodies of water, and Colorado just didn’t have that. Anyways, it has become a running joke within my close circle of friends to mock the fact that I feel claustrophobic within a state.

So when I found out I was going back to Colorado I decided to go with an open mind and give it another chance. And I did exactly that. Within my week in Colorado I came to admitting that I liked it, I liked it a lot more than I had. Colorado had its unique beauty and charm. The people were warm and friendly. And I had the chance to experience what seemed to be three seasons all within the same day. Just goes to show that anything is truly possible.

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