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Coffee Shops


I had the opportunity to sit outside a coffee shop and put down into words my journey before moving out of the country. I take a few times out of each week to sit and do this, to reflect on what is occurring now, what God is showing me in my day to day routine, how I react to the silence of life currently. However it is also a time of accepting God’s good and perfect gifts. A discovery I made over the summer was that I am in no way afraid to talk to people…complete strangers in fact. There is something about hearing their story…their life journey…a summed up version at least…today I met a man named Duah (Doo-Ah) he is from South Africa. He was born in South Africa, moved to France in his teenage years, and after college moved to the states. I had seen him walk into the coffee shop, I smiled as he passed by (as I do to most who pass by my little table hidden away in the corner right by the door) and continued to write. 20 minutes later he came back out and mouthed to me that he hoped I would continue to enjoy writing long after school ( I could see how it looked like school work…had a few books out and what not) I removed my headphones and explained to him that I had graduated from university in May and that my writing was for my own pleasure. Fascinated that a young girl would take the time we struck up a conversation.
Close to 2 nights ago I had poured my heart out to God telling him I was so afraid that once moving to NZ that I would not meet anyone and I would be socially awkward…but here he goes showing me with my own life that no matter where I am in the world he is right there with me and meeting people will not be a problem with him by my side.
This piece of tapestry is an example of my summer, I have gotten to travel, meet new people, have new experiences, and discovered more of the God I love…even in moments I believe to be just shades of black and white, God is weaving together such a beautiful tapestry of not just my life, but of his family. Duah was a gift. He was a wonderful encouragement to a simple girl who likes to write. Thankfully NZ has coffee shops, so I don’t think the writing will end here.

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