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Choosing Joy

Often in life I come to this place that holds toughness, aches, dryness, and voidness (yes it is my own word!). This place looks the same through and through, but if I take a closer look I see things have changed, I have changed, my perspective has changed since standing here once before (that once before seeming to be only a few months ago).

So of the dearest people in my life who are walking this, what seems to be out of control, journey with me get this concept. But one main point that we have come across in this desolate land is a choice. A choice that we allow to consume us to the very core and rob us of our belovedness. Sometimes we admit, that we roll over and allow it do this very thing. And then there are seasons within this season where we get up and fight with what little might we have left in us. We make the choice to choose joy. We fight for this choice that has been given to us. We allow it to consume us and impact this wasteland that we are traveling through. But as we continue to move forward it isn’t so much of a waste but a learning ground…a playing field of sorts.

We have been chosen just as Joseph was chosen, just as Ruth was chosen, just as Job was chosen, just as Moses was chosen, just as Joshua was chosen. I am choosing to believe in the eternal joy that was bestowed on me 15 years ago in small, blink your eyes, and miss it town. I made a commitment. I made a commitment that did not promise happiness all the days of my life, but a Saviour who restores the joy of my soul in a way that none can.

I chose. I have chosen. I am continually choosing.

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  1. ~S~~~~~ says:

    so true about how we have choices!!! i’ve been walking though this out here as well!

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