Everyday Musings



Every day life comes at you and with that comes choices. From your every day basic, ‘what should I wear today?’ to ‘how can I best take care of the people in my life?’. Really the choices are limitless on any one given day. ‘Do I stay in bed or go for a run?’, ‘do I finish this book or watch T.V.?’, ‘do we start trying for a baby or do we wait?’. The choices of our life look different for each person and each family unit.

Graeme and I have a couple big choices on the table at the moment and mainly they all fall to me to decide. But if I was to tell you the truth. These choices all scare the hell out of me. Why you ask? Because I am afraid of failing in such a way I won’t be able to get back up. I am afraid that they are life altering choices and there won’t be anything I can do to reverse them if everything goes horribly wrong once I decide.

But then I take a moment. Along with a deep breath and remember that fear does not run my life. My faith in God reminds me that I can make the daily no-biggie choices to the life altering ones and He’ll be there. If I seek Him and trust Him, He’ll be there. If I don’t seek Him and just go my wayward way, He’ll be there. So I take comfort in that. No matter the choice. No matter how great the fear. He’ll be there. So with that knowledge the choices are mine and I better get to making them.

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