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Childhood Dreams DO Come True!

Meet Max. He is a one year old miniature golden-doodle and now belongs to my family.

My Aunt and Uncle that live in Santa Cruz went in search for the perfect dog for the family a few years back and in their search happened to discover this breed. They did their research and found breeders they trusted and a few months later they had Pasti…the fun loving HUGE golden-doodle. My family loved being around Pasti and on several occasions has kept him a couple weekends on our 3 acre property; allowing him to soak up all the openness that his incredible home can not always provide on a daily basis.

Over the last few months our families just seemed to talk about dogs and my parents getting one…but I knew it would take a miracle. We spent this past Christmas up in Santa Cruz and when we went out to walk Pasti one afternoon this is where I got introduced to the miniature version of Pasti and fell in love (but never really voiced this opinion).

Well, last weekend Max’s current living situation was one that he could no longer stay in. So with my Aunt’s quick dealings in a matter of days my Mum and her best friend were driving up to Santa Cruz to pick up Max.

Max is loving (all 4 days) the Central Coast and now when I call my parents it sounds as though they have another child in the house, which only makes me laugh with joy for them! Change is a little tough for them, but I think Max is the perfect addition to our family and to their home.

One thought on “Childhood Dreams DO Come True!”

  1. Kayli Cotten says:

    Can’t wait to meet him!! But remember, he’s not your brother 🙂

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