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Chicago. This is a great city if you have never been before. This last trip was probably my twelfth and I always find that I am up for exploring it every time I go because there are always so many new things to find, see, eat, and drink!

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Graeme and I called this summer, ‘The Summer of Chicago’, because for different reasons we both happened to go there on three separate occasions this summer. It was fun to be able to print out maps of the city and draw up my favorite places to eat, explore, and people watch. I loved getting the texts and the phone calls of him telling me what he was doing or a new place he had found that I should go to.

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Though I am pretty sure I would never live in Chicago…I think the winters would do me in, this city has something special about it. For a metropolitan area the people here are some of the nicest and even the most helpful. The architecture is a bit of a blend of historic and modern. Being the country girl that I am, this city has really conjured up a love for the urban and piqued my curiosity to want to get to know it more…like getting to know someone’s story. Chicago, I believe, has so many wonderful stories hidden away within it. Some people you can know right off the bat and the same can be true for a city.

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Chicago has layers and every trip I have there reminds me of this. With this kind of thought, it is why I tend to treat each trip to Chicago as though it is my last, because I don’t know when I will be back and I want as much of the story as I can possibly get.

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