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My family as a whole is going through a lot right now. Empty nest syndrome, health concerns, college tuition issues, the teenage years, things that come with aging, and more. Some are easy to laugh at, some have caused us to get angry, and others just leave us in a state of shock; but all in all there has been something sweet about coming together as a family and being there for one another through each situation.

Graeme and I traveled up North to spend time with my parents, to say goodbye to a dear friend, celebrate my Grandpa and Uncle’s birthdays, along with celebrating my Mum for putting up with my Dad and I all these years!

It was a truly a fantastic trip and I have to say that I don’t think Grae and I were expecting that with all the things that were going on with the family. I had just come back from a work trip in Vegas that week and so getting to spend 10+ hours in the car with Grae was fun, just getting to catch up and talk about our summer/future plans. Spending time with my parents was sweet and being able to help around the house and cook brunch for Mum for Mother’s Day did a bit of spirit lifting for he and I.

Yet, I think it was my Grandpa’s birthday that was the most shocking fun part of the whole trip. I was under the impression that my family knew Grae and I were coming with my parents, but when we arrived everyone was in shock with lots of shouting and hugging. My Grandpa had the best reaction, laughter and tears and his wife was pretty sweet too, not believing that we had made the trek to spend the afternoon into the evening with all of them. Getting that time is rare and it made me love my family all the more. They are these creative, generous, stubborn, loud, and most loving bunch I could have ever asked for. They love me whether I have shown up to these or events or not these past 15 years and they have embraced Graeme in a way like he has been a part of their lives this whole time. I love them so much for that alone.

For coming off a very long week and jumping right into what would be a long weekend, it was a ton of fun, with memories that will be tucked away for those rainy days when I miss them the most.

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