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I love my Dad and I love when I get to catch glimpses of things that insprire him and make him happy. This past weekend was one of those moments. We had some time to kill before I had to catch a plane back to Orange County after Thanksgiving and it just so happened to be close enough to wander around his old Alma Mater in Berkley. As we walked around the campus and the campus community my Dad lit up in a way I hadn’t seen in ages. He showed my Mum and I where all his classes had been, where he and his buddies used to hang out, as well as several of the dormitories he was housed in. It was a pretty special afternoon for us as a family and I could tell it was specifically special for my Dad. He isn’t the most expressive person so when it comes to walking around and sharing a portion of his life that myself and my Mum were never apart of I knew it held great meaning for him.

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