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Bright and Shiny

My roommate and I were discussing how we so desperately wish life could just be bright and shiny, but that just isn’t the case. We have jobs that hand us rough days, family that we disagree with, cars that break down, taxes to pay; life just gets in the way sometimes of things being “bright and shiny”.

But then you have days like today where you have a great day at work, had some extra time to try a new recipe and make an incredible dinner for the roommate and you, and even get to see a movie (I still feel like a rebel sometimes when I get to see movies in the middle of the week like I am a school kid who is ditching her homework for some fun). These bright and shiny days make the other days just a little bit easier to handle. Here’s hoping you get to experience a few more bright and shiny days and a few less of the other days…

One thought on “Bright and Shiny”

  1. Nannette says:

    Bright and shiny days are always at hand, Heids. Even through the muck and mire of daily life…they are there, especially when we have HIM on our side.

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