Everyday Musings


It has that distinct and very clear smell. I didn’t use to like the smell of bleach growing up but something about it in my middle years of life has caused me to appreciate the smell. It signifies cleanliness…something I very much appreciate in many different ways. I appreciate when our place of living is clean, when my room is clean, when my office space is clean, when I am clean, when my heart and soul are clean. Right now I would have to say though I need a good dousing of bleach on me. I phrased it to someone the other night as the “walking wounded” and I truly hate being that way. I truly dislike the steps that have lead me to this place where I am standing. Yet again, God ever so gently and kindly reminds me that He is the bleach in my life. Every morning He provides something that no other human in my life can provide. I am so human, disgusting, and hurting. Yet I am forgiven, loved, and found to be treasured. Life and the seasons in it are beyond anything I can truly put into words. But I continue to walk through it so that has to say something right? Now on that note…off to clean the oven.

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