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Back to the Basics

With so much change in the last few months, moving – to be a part of a WHOLE other post, quitting my job of eight years, and starting our own business, just to name a few of the changes; along with making time for Graeme, giving a large portion of who I am to Adelaide, I have realized that I can’t give up on myself either so that means specifically carving out time that is my own. And that time is mornings.

I guess you could say I am lucky in that my husband isn’t much of a morning person and neither is Adelaide, so the best time for myself is the early hours of the morning. Just before the dawn, before Graeme is out the door for work, and before Adelaide is up and ready to discover all the newness life has to offer.

When I “back to basics”, for me this is always going to come back to writing. I don’t remember how old I was when I got my first journal or who gave it to me, but for as long as I can remember I have carried a journal around with me to capture random days, boring days, days filled with excitement, days that carry with them a lot of emotion. If there is an early memory I carry with me about journaling, it comes from my Grandfather who for a good majority of his life kept a journal himself, but instead of getting into the deep thoughts of life, his was all about everything he did each and every day. What a time capsule right?

I knew there was no way I could have the kind of dedication, but to be able to catch a glimpse of my seasons of life, now that would be something pretty cool to look back on – hopefully. Plus, for me writing is my own version of therapy. It helps me process the days or the moments that I am in the middle of and is really overall just something I really enjoy.

So here we are in a new season and with a new journal. It looks so pretty and new, but in a matter of weeks it will have the look of a well weathered friend, reminding me to get back to the basics of what I love doing.


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