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Meet my two year old second cousin Ava Marie. She is adorable, sweet, and strong willed. I spent this past weekend with her and her sister Siena Noel and I have to say there is something pretty amazing hanging out with little girls their age. Their ability to live in imaginary worlds, love with every little inch they have, and truly just be themselves was pretty fun to watch and be a part of during the weekend.

I watched Ava a lot over the weekend and there was something about her that was so captivating. I told my cousin Steve that I could just sit there for hours and watch her; whether it be sleeping, going down the slide a hundred times, or playing peek-a-boo with her as she latched onto her Daddy. Ava has this ability to be genuinely herself and being a 25 year old it was something that I wish I had more of like this little 2 year old. I would almost say, I want to grow up to be like Ava with a little more life experience 🙂

They have not always been my closest side of the family but it was a pretty special weekend getting to hang out with my cousin and his family. We are twelve years apart so it always made “hanging” a little bit different or nonexistent. But this weekend was filled with hanging out, catching up, riding bikes along the beautiful California Coast, climbing big hills, and swinging on swing sets…so much fun!

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