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I appreciate friendships were words can be exchanged and understood. I also appreciate friendships that you are able to be silent and still in. There is something to be said for the latter in my mind. I used to be the clingy type of friend that was always worried if I would be left behind and lets face it that girl still comes out from time to time. However, I would like to say that I have grown into the kind of friend that even though time has passed it does not feel like it. There is a common security between both friends knowing that we are loved and appreciated. Yes, times may have changed. Our seasons may be polar opposites, but that ability to just be with that other person and with no great expectations is truly a beautiful thing. I appreciate these people in my life. So whether it means picking you up at the train station at 7 am after not seeing you for months just so we can fall back in to bed for another 3 hours or if I see you every day and you just want a place to come and be quiet yet loved I am here. I appreciate those who do the same for me. I appreciate the full, loud, community filled places and I appreciate the quiet spaces you make for me to be me, nothing more, nothing less.

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