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This has been a blog in the works, one that I have sat with and wrestled and deleted a dozen times. So tonight is the night I am going to write and not delete.

I truly dislike that often in the relationships besides my parents that I feel as though I am an after thought. I am not sure what has changed in the last five years, but its as though I fell into a ditch had no idea how I got there, found the resources to climb out, and now I am back in the land of the living. However, I feel as though I am living as a second thought to certain people I love very much. It hurts a bit. My life has served me sweet moments and moments of extreme distaste but it has been through those sour moments that have given me an inner strength.

I guess I am just hoping that one day this extreme after thought feeling won’t be the case and like the velveteen rabbit I will one day be a primary thought.

One thought on “AfterThought”

  1. Kate says:

    My Darling – You are never an after thought in my life. It may take me a wee while to reply emails but know that I think about you lots and talk about how truly wonderful you are to many many people back here.

    I aspire to be like you one day.

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