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A Stroll Down Huntington Beach

Last week Graeme and I were house-sitting in Huntington Beach and with such a great location we couldn’t miss out on a couple walks down to the beach. This was Monday night, a beautiful crisp evening where we found a sand castle, a nice jogger who offered to take our picture, and where we spent 20 minutes waiting for a wave to come up close enough to our sand drawing so we could capture it 🙂

Beautiful sunset; I truly do love where we live.

The photo that took 20 minutes to capture. Graeme practically ran back when he saw a wave coming to get this.

Part of the sand castle we found

Someone put some real time and effort into this sand castle, it was pretty elaborate too with little bridges leading to other parts of the castle.

This has over time become a classic photo for us as a reminder of the places we have stood together.

It was nice to disconnect from a Monday and go for a walk together in one of my favorite places. I love the ocean and I have told Graeme many times we either have to live on the East Coast, West Coast, or move back to New Zealand 🙂

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