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5 Years of Sweetness

Today mark’s five years since Graeme proposed. Hooray you say (while rolling your eyes). I know, I know, it’s a pretty cheesy date to remember, but to me our engagement felt like the finish line of a long marathon we had been preparing for. Our engagement season I think prepared us for what marriage was going to be like; a lot of communication, ups, downs, a ton of laughter, and a deep appreciation of the love that had developed between us.


I look back on this day remembering feeling all the feelings. The anticipation of getting to see Graeme after nine long months. The excitement of making a promise between each other that we wanted to give being, best friends forever, a shot. The pure joy and awe of how he had worked so hard to make the day a total surprise and incredibly memorable for me.

Today is a good day and a great day to remember all the feels.


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