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4th Of July Pinterest Project

Summer isn’t over just yet, so I thought I would finally blog about our 4th of July creations!I saw these a couple of months back on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to make it my goal to make these for the 4th of July party we were going to and thought they would be the easiest thing to create and take!

Creating them really wasn’t all that hard, I had found this ideal recipe (again on Pinterest) for the rice krispie treats and putting the fruit on skewers wasn’t hard, just a little time consuming, but that was expected; it all came down to the transporting them that made it a bit rocky. I had purchased green planters foam for them to stick into inside the cute red tin I had found, but because the rice krispie treats were just a tad too heavy some of them started to “fall” off the sticks.

Overall they were a huge hit, super yummy, and no one really minded eating “fallen stars”. If you want to try this fun little creation yourself even just for a random day no where close to the 4th of July look no farther than here.

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