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28 Candles

First let it be known that Graeme was very excited to have creative input in this blog (ie, the title was his creative genius.) He truly is an ideas man.

Last week I celebrated my 28th year on this planet and boy do I love my even years. There truly is something to be said for my even years of life (though I have had some great “odd” years too), my evens just seem to have a lot more fun in them.

This year’s birth day started out with getting to spend the day with my high school best friend Rachel, she was in town for a work trip and this work trip landed her staying the night at the Disneyland Hotel which meant I got to stay there too! This wall art is in every room and with the switch of a button the fireworks would go off while a song played, pretty cool if you ask me! Such a fun evening, because living 20 minutes away entitles me to driving home after a day at the magical kingdom vs. getting to stay in this sweet set up. Thanks Rache for the wonderful pre-birthday bash!

The fun continued to coming home to a present from Graeme…my very own kindle with an amazon certificate for, The Hunger Games. I know I may be a bit old for these books, but I don’t really care, I got sucked in and finished all three in five days! The day was spent though, cleaning and organizing a few things around the house (that I had been putting off and since I decided to take the day off of work I thought it was the perfect day to attack them). Then I treated myself to an afternoon by the pool (first birthday I can remember in ages when it didn’t rain) and read away. It was by far one of the nicest days I have in a while and just nice to disconnect from work and everything that is tied up with that. The flowers below were a mixture of some that I had gotten throughout the week from Graeme, my parents, and my “other” family in New Zealand, the Un’s.

Since my birthday fell on a Wednesday, Graeme asked if it was ok if we celebrated over the weekend, which was fine by me! He surprised me by taking me to this great steakhouse just down the street from our place called Mastro’s; they have a great salmon dish that I love and of course he enjoys getting the steak. For dessert we got their house signature called a ‘butter cake’ and yes, it is just as amazing as it sounds! He followed dinner up by taking me to a “new” (they recently remodeled it and made it rather posh inside) theater to see “The Vow”. He was a total trooper through it all and had a great attitude even after it was over. Overall, it was a wonderful to finally have Graeme around for a birthday and to just celebrate what this year holds!

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