Everyday Musings

Learning to Drive without GPS

Here we are eight weeks later and what feels like a life time ago has also flown by! I think back to those first few weeks with Grae away for work and Adelaide and I learning our way around Santa Cruz and parts of Silicon Valley, beholden to GPS to get us around and now today about to take the shorter ways home and being confident in getting around without the use of GPS or my phone.


Everyday Musings

Back to the Basics

With so much change in the last few months, moving – to be a part of a WHOLE other post, quitting my job of eight years, and starting our own business, just to name a few of the changes; along with making time for Graeme, giving a large portion of who I am to Adelaide, I have realized that I can’t give up on myself either so that means specifically carving out time that is my own. And that time is mornings.

Everyday Musings

New Zealand for the Win!

Gosh, I am so behind in the blogs I have been writing, but I am not giving up and still going to post about things that happened MONTHS ago, like the, RUGBY WORLD CUP!

Graeme being from New Zealand and myself having the heart of a kiwi we are FULL supporters of New Zealand national teams, specially the rugby national team, the All Blacks.

I love the sport in general (see here for details about the game if interested). It is a high contact, strategic, fast paced game and I just happened to get introduced to it by a pretty special and unique team, the All Blacks.

Everyday Musings

I Love a Good Story

With the LOADS of time I have had to be patient and sit still in feeding Adelaide I have found myself on the hunt for enjoyable and interesting television. I have now been through several tv series and keep up with the random shows we record throughout the week, along with re-watching some of my favorite films.

This week I was looking for something a bit different. Just to change it up a bit. Being fascinated by Oprah and her whole story I looked up OWN to see what I could watch on demand and remembered she had this newish series called Masterclass. So I flicked through to see who the latest “teachers” were, Justin Timberlake and Ellen DeGeneres. Both people fascinate me and if you know anything about me I love a good back story. I enjoy knowing what make people tick.


Everyday Musings

Sweet Adelaide

I can’t believe we are going on almost three months of life with Adelaide, sweet Adelaide. And can I just say all my fears and worries about being a parent have totally slipped away. Yes, I am sure I still do and worry about things that only “newbie” parents do and worry about, but it has been my deeply rooted fear of “I am going to totally fail at this Mum thing” fear that has faded away.

Everyday Musings

5 Years of Sweetness

Today mark’s five years since Graeme proposed. Hooray you say (while rolling your eyes). I know, I know, it’s a pretty cheesy date to remember, but to me our engagement felt like the finish line of a long marathon we had been preparing for. Our engagement season I think prepared us for what marriage was going to be like; a lot of communication, ups, downs, a ton of laughter, and a deep appreciation of the love that had developed between us.


Everyday Musings

Time Has Just Flown By!


It’s interesting now reading my October blog that I had no idea the choices that would really come into our life.

Within the month we would come to discover we were expecting our little surprise baby (girl) and all the choices that we thought we would be making for our family in 2015 would be shifted to embrace this new not quite expected adventure.

Everyday Musings



Every day life comes at you and with that comes choices. From your every day basic, ‘what should I wear today?’ to ‘how can I best take care of the people in my life?’. Really the choices are limitless on any one given day. ‘Do I stay in bed or go for a run?’, ‘do I finish this book or watch T.V.?’, ‘do we start trying for a baby or do we wait?’. The choices of our life look different for each person and each family unit.

Everyday Musings


photo 1

Chicago. This is a great city if you have never been before. This last trip was probably my twelfth and I always find that I am up for exploring it every time I go because there are always so many new things to find, see, eat, and drink!